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Anyone in a relationship or planning on a need to know how to keep love alive for a long time.But the secret of how do you study?Everyone is happy to explain "how they meet," but there are few details to "they live together." So let's see what science says."Happiness" is not an easy thing In addition to the discount mulberry bags epitome of laziness writing, is not a simple "happy".Thai tashiro explained that husband and wife in the first year of marriage and marital satisfaction score was 86%.In the seventh year, less than 50%.
The divorce rate is often media coverage is 50%, this is based on census data.Census data, however, was not captured 10 to Shop Mulberry Bags at of couples permanent independent legal documents but not to file a divorce.This means that a conservative estimate of divorce and permanent separation rate was 60%.Add additional 7% chronically unhappy not divorced couples or permanently separate but has not been a happy marriage, which means that two-thirds of married couples unfortunately the lucky life together.Why it's so tough for marriage for a long time?One of the main reasons is the science called "habituation."This is a way we felt boring.In the early days, when a couple can finish each other's sentences is romantic.But as time went on, "predictable" is a huge negative.
Love marriage began to happiness - but it drops rapidly.
Arranged marriage not so happy at first, but ten years later, they are happier Mulberry Outlet Sale than love marriage.And keep it that way.Couples have been married for love and in less than a year an average score of 70 points out of 91 of love, but these Numbers declined steadily.Love couples married for ten years or longer scored an average of only 40 minutes.Couples, by contrast, the arranged marriage is not love at the beginning, 58 minutes on average, but their feelings as time increased to an average score of 68 or above ten years.The long-term success of the secret behind is arranged marriage?They have to work.They are not passively depend on "magic" and passion.They have to spend a lot of time thinking about how to make it work.
When participants focus on improving try changing partners, the relationship between the individual more negative coverage improvement strategy, reduce improve success, in turn, more negative relationship.Results show that the cooperative partner may do more harm than good, although the relationship between assess whether pivot partner changes.Researcher and writer John Gottman seven principles to make the marriage work, says that 69% of couples is eternal.These problems don't go away but many couples continue to debate them year after year.Most marriages parameters cannot be solved.The couple spent year after year trying to change each other's ideas, but it can be done.This is because most of the differences are rooted in the way of life of the basic differences and individual character, or value.Through for these differences, and all they do is a waste of time and hurt their marriage.


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